ORGANIX renewing argan oil of morocco shampoo,conditioner & penetrating oil review


Hope you all are doing well. If you are following me on ‘Instagram’ then you probably have seen me posting a picture regarding this product few months back. As I said I usually try to use a product at least for some days just to get the desirable result before leaving any kind of review. So here it is.

Actually I got demotivated from the time I started using the Organix argan oil of morocco shampoo . I don’t get it why some people misguide us leaving a positive thought on a product(which is not at all true to some extent) and they don’t even judge the genuineness of that particular product before posting any kind of reviews. So sad though🙁

But anyway, today I will be talking about the argan oil of morocco travel  kit(shampoo,conditioner and serum) from the brand Organix or ORX whatever you would say. Alright,  so I won’t do any detailed review on this product as I am literally not satisfied using the product. Yes I mean it! I have been using this from last two months and what.. result is a big ZERO. I just can’t find out like what the hell happened to this product. The product claims to be made up of Argan oil of morocco (which is well known for treating split ends,controlling frizziness thus making hair softer,silkier,shinier and manageable ). But my pin point is where has it’s properties of making these things gone?? Oh my god! Seriously! Ohhkay, now let’s move on to some basic product details


Hair Type– Dry and damaged hair


Price– 895/-


Quantity– Shampoo+conditioner(88.7ml each) & penetrating oil(50ml)


My Recommendation– And here we go..I have been eagerly waiting for this section where I share my thoughts on that particular reviewing  product like whether anyone should go for it or not,whether I liked it or not or specifically it worked well for me or not. So all I can say just do not go for it. It is worthless and even I have wasted money buying this product…literally! After using the argan oil of morocco shampoo, my hair turned out to be more dry,lifeless,unmanageable and anything worst that could happen seriously. I thought the conditioner would definitely solve the problem but guess what? Initially,after using the conditioner my hair was behaving good but after few hours my hair became so dry and frizzy again that I could hardly get my comb through my hair.

Even I am facing tremendous hair fall due to the dryness caused by both the shampoo and conditioner. After using it for more than 2 months, now I have realized that the problem is the product itself which is not likely to get solved and I shouldn’t wait till I empty the bottle otherwise no hair will be left on my head 😦  ( But in case anyone bought a full size of the shampoo then I would highly suggest using it by mixing with some other moisturizing shampoo in 1:1 ratio or the other alternate days,just to finish off the product.)

I thought of argan oil of morocco enriched product might wonder for my dry hair but my experience was so terrible. This particular shampoo and conditioner not only made my hair so so freaking dry but also made my scalp dry every time I washed my hair with this. Thank god I did not go for a full size of this product rather I bought a travel kit consisting of some basic hair care routine stuffs like a shampoo,conditioner and a serum.

Now coming back to the argan oil of morocco penetrating oil, actually it’s a serum which is applied on towel dried hair after washing the hair properly. So this is the product I found OKAY from the entire kit.


Ratings–  *  (for the serum only)



Hope you enjoyed reading the review. If you have any question regarding the post or you want to ask me anything then do leave your comments below. 

See you in my next post. Till then take care & get OBSESSED 😊




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