The soumis “Can Fresh” review

Hii there,

Hope you all are doing superb! Me too… As I could come up with another review for you guys! So this review is quite similar to my another review of “Can Active”(you will get it under skin care section) and these are from the same drugstore brand The Soumis CAN PRODUCT .So I am not going to detail some part like product description,my recommendation and I am keeping it as minimal as possible. So let’s begin..

Skin type– Dry to Normal

Usage– 2 times daily

Price– 175 INR

Quantity – 150gms

Ingredients –

  • Aswagandha (known of its anti ageing formula)
  • Multani Mitti ( helps to maintain the oil balance of skin)
  • Swet Chandan or sandalwood (helps to lighten the skin tone)
  • Wheat Germ Oil ( Sources of B6 and vitamin E, those are rich in anti oxidants. It promotes healthy skin thus preventing various skin problems like eczema, dry skin etc.)

Product Description – This product is strictly for dry to normal skin so anyone having pimples or acne or even sensitive skin could face irritation if applied (as I faced personally)

Here I am attaching a picture just to let you know how the product looks like, it’s formula and how it has to be applied.

*Please go through my another post “Can Active Review” under the skin care section to get detailed product description.

My Recommendation –As I said this didn’t go well on my skin but I gave it to my MOM as she has a dry skin. And what happened?? OMG.. She has just finished up using her 4th tub till now.

So you already know how much it is actually effective for dry skin beauties and all I can is recommending you and let you guys inform about the product and its benefits . So if you were unaware of this product or seriously looking for some problem solving product for your dry skin then you definitely give this a try.

Ratings-* * * * *

Hope you enjoyed reading the review. If you have any question regarding the post or you want to ask me anything then do leave your comments below. 

See you in my next post. Till then take care & get OBSESSED 😊




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