The soumi’s “Can Active” review

Today’s review is going to be on “Can Active” from The soumi’s CAN PRODUCT  and this is a local drugstore brand, covering the state West Bengal so far I know (now a days available to some other states also. Do check guys ). And yes I know most of you guys out there (especially from Bengal) are curious as well as excited for this review  ðŸ™‚ So here we go.. 

    Skin Type– Oily to sensitive skin

    Usage– 2-3 times a day for 3 mins

    Price-175 INR

    Quantity -150gm

    Ingredients -I am detailing only some of the natural ingredients,I found to be helpful for you all as because this is a herbal product and everything used to make this product is organic and I can already assume that some of you people are keen to know the ingredients so here it is

    • Neem(known of its antibacterial properties) 
    • Swet chandan or sandalwood (helps to lighten the skin tone) 
    • Multani Mitti (helps to lower down sebum secretion) 
    • Aswagandha (known of its anti ageing formula) 

    Product Description – This product came up in a face pack form which you have to apply directly or on wet face. As it consists of some ground organic particles so you will find some crushed yet soft particles so you need to be careful while washing your face. Though it won’t be harsh for your skin but you can scrub your face gently along with the t-zone to remove any blackheads or whiteheads.

    As multani mitti is an active ingredient in this product so it smells more like mitti and because of the presence of some essential oils you will get to see some fluid soon after opening the container. Don’t worry it won’t destroy the remaining product at all (I am seriously stuck to this product from last couple of years 😜)

    Lastly, I want to add something to quickly catch your attention that this product also claims that frequent uses over a period of time helps to brighten the complexion of the skin as well(which is surely an added benefit for us) 

    My Recommendation-After using this for more than 2 years now I have to say it worked amaze on my skin and helped to get rid of hyper sensitivity too. It works best to reduce sensitiveness of your skin  if you have so.

    Apart, it helps to lighten blemishes, scars of pimples, reduce pimples and controls sebum secretion which is a terrible part of all oily skin beauties.

    So if you are facing such problems then you can definitely opt for it without thinking it twice.

    Ratings:   * * * * *

    Hope you enjoyed reading the review. If you have any question regarding the post or you want to ask me anything then do leave your comments below. 

    See you in my next post. Till then take care & get OBSESSED 😊


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