Real Techniques ‘EYES’ starter set brushes review

Hiii  All,

As we  know that Makeup is incomplete without having these stuffs in our makeup box and I gurantee that you are agree with me too. So here is my first review of any makeup brushes. I recently bought this super cool stuff which is so affordable and handy too. I already have stuck at this product so so much that I thought of doing a review on this and also wanted to share its usage as well. So let’s jump into the product review..


Real Techniques EYES starter set




Packaging : So here is the brush set that looks like. I got it in this same way like packaging and all. It comes with a very cute and handy white bag where the brushes are arranged accordingly. You can also see the back of the packaging that everything is detailed dere like which brush is used for which purpose on eye area. So i found this very helpfull as it was my first buy of any eye brush set!

Price : 790 INR







My Experience : I have been using these from last few months only and all i can assure you that you will never get disappointed with this one. It gives that perfect finish of whatever you say like eyeshadows,eyeliners,defining brow, applying shadow on crease everything. I tried to show you the brushes from so close that you can see the top of every brush it is used for. I am also impressed by the crease brush, starting from left above the picture. I found it interesting for applying highlighter as well. It gives perfect finish infact.

Though the third one is said to be used for highlighter,i rather found it helpfull using in the inner corner of the eyelid. And to be very frank it can not be used as a smudger at all!! And others are good enough as its own way of usage.

You can also find out on the brush that which one is used for what kind of application seperately. I have tried to zoom in as much as possible to show you the actual printing on each of the brushes. Just take a look below-




Cons : Only one thing i found that the crease brush is not depositting the desired amount of shadow when applied.

Rating :  3.5 / 5

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