Review of Maybelline colour sensational Bold Matte lipsticks

Hello all,

Today I am here to review one of the most essential and a mut have product in all the girl’s vanity. Yes you are guessing it right, it is our all time favourite Lipstick! So I already have two shades of Maybelline colour sensational Bold Matt lipsticks in the shade MAT1 & MAT2  which I bought two years back. I thought of doing a review on this two as this colours are going in fashion now and most importantly who does not actually want a soft pink and coral shade ; so here is the product and the lovely shades.


Brand Name: Maybelline BOLD MATTE  lipstick




 Shade: MAT1 & MAT2


Quantity: 3.9gm each


Price : 425/-


Product description: As the name says it is the bold matte collection of Maybelline New York. It is kind of beautiful pink and coral shade.  It is in matte form but not that much powdery dry matte.It has a soft velvety like texture which will not stick to your lip. Most importantly it is unique for its combination of bright velvet pigment and honey nectar. It will not dry out you lip but help to retain its moisture leaving the lip non drying for hours


Here is the gorgeous two shades of the Bold Matte range. The first one is MAT1 and the second one is MAT2 from the left.





Here I swatched the shades to show the actual colour and it was taken in the daylight.




 Packaging: It comes in a rectangle shape cover something like bright orangish colour and the body in silver colour.But there is nothing printed on both the cap and body regarding price, Ingredients, colour,brand name ect. Only a plastic is covered on the whole product when you open it up and there you will get the details of the product. So if you want the name, brand and everything regarding the product then you must open it carefully from the below.





My experience: I was actually looking for a matte lipstick and I got these two eventually. These were my first matte lipsticks that I bagged in. Although it came out like wow. The colours are so soft and amazing for everyday use. And can carry easily with any outfit and at  day time as well. So I am totally impressed.


Pros :

  • Texture is good
  • Non drying
  • Moisture rich
  • Stays untill you eat something

Cons :

  • Lasts only for 3-4 hours
  • Not powdered matte effect (as I personally prefer powdered matte)

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